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Who Am I?

And, How Did I Get Here?

        We all ask ourselves these age old questions as we traverse the forest looking for our path and wondering if we've seen that specific tree before. "Wander," is definitely the right word for my path. Before energy work, I made my living running a nationally recognized competition horse farm, being a computer-aided draftsperson in an engineering department, and as an executive editor. I am also the mom of three amazing boys, and have been a caregiver for more than one terminally ill loved one. Yes, life has been full of twists, turns, unexpected shadows, and great beauty.

        Energy work is something I've done since before I realized it wasn't something everyone did. In fact, my first memory of really noticing that I might be different in a way Monty Python and older brothers could not be blamed for, happened in second grade when a friend and I got lost in the bayou.
        We were up to our necks in muddy water when my friend asked, "Are we lost?" shortly followed by, "How are we going to find our way back?"

        "We'll just ask the animals," I replied. And, although we did find our way back without much ado, my friend's reaction certainly made it memorable.
        I began studying Reikiyana officially with Margueritte Meier, in September of 2013. In June of 2014, I graduated from her Reikiyana Practitioner course and began my own practice along side other amazing practitioners in a variety of healing arts at Achiving Health in Fort Collins, CO. In November of 2015, I graduated from Margueritte's second course, Spiritual Mentorship, an indepth year long course requiring two professional energy workers from different fields to participate as advisors and evaluators. And, in January of 2017, Sarah Fredrickson and I created Transparent Lotus a sacred space for healing and learning. However, as partners often do, we discovered our paths needed to diverge. So, now I am off on my next adventure. 
         I also offer an e-book, How to Choose and Use Oracle and Tarot Cards. It contains everything I wish I'd had available when beginning my journey with tarot and oracle cards thirty years ago, in one concise and easy to use place. This saves money and builds confidence in your own ability to listen to your Higher Self - an important skill in every area of life.
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