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How Can I Help You?

People often ask me what I do. I always want to reply, "What do you need?" If it happens to be something in the realm of energy work, I will be happy to help. Click on any of the services listed below to find out more. Then, check out the Membership page to see if there is a deal for you.
  1. shamanic journey, journey, self awareness, astral plane, unconscious mind, gain wisdom
    Learn to Journey
    If you are looking for a tool to help you communicate with your higher self and guides, this is a fabulous one.
  2. energetic clearing, Michael's net, smudge, smudging, ghost, disincarnate, "in the flow"
    Space Clearing
    Does your home or office feel like something is amiss? Are you moving into a new space? Do you want to sell your house more quickly? I am happy to help you do the energetic spring cleaning your space needs.
  3. Private Energy Work Training
    Do you want more that the "one size fits all" energy work training? Do you want to develop, refine and gain confidence in your gifts? Do you want to do this in manageable bites that can work into your schedule more easily? I am happy to meet you where you are in your learning - beginner or not - and help you develop a fulfilling individualized practice.
  4. Tarot Reading
    Sometimes you want to be able to look at a challenge from a different perspective. Have Bec use this tool to connect with guides and your higher self to help you see what you may be missing.
  5. VIP Day with Bec
    VIP Day with Bec
    This is eight hours of YOU time.