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Who Am I?

And, How Did I Get Here?

        We all ask ourselves these age old questions as we traverse the forest looking for our path and wondering if we've seen that specific tree before. "Wander," is definitely the right word for my path. Before energy work, I made my living working with horses, being a computer-aided draftsperson, and editing. I am also the mama of three amazing boys, and have been a caregiver for more than one terminally ill loved one. Yes, life has been full of twists, turns, unexpected shadows, and great beauty.

       My work is eclectic. Although I am a Certified Reikiyana Practitioner and Spiritual Mentor, I continue to expand upon my already varied background, pulling more and more from shamanism and mediumship, and working with an ever growing variety of guides. 
        I began studying Reikiyana officially with Margueritte , in September of 2013. In June of 2014, I graduated from her Reikiyana Practitioner course and began my own practice along side other amazing practitioners in a variety of healing arts at Achiving Health in Fort Collins, CO. In November of 2015, I graduated from Margueritte's second course, Spiritual Mentorship, an indepth year long course requiring two professional energy workers from different fields to participate as advisors and evaluators. And, in January of 2017, Sarah Fredrickson and I created Transparent Lotus , a sacred space for healing and learning, where I continue my Reikiyana practice and teach.
        If you've had a good look around the site, you know I also read tarot cards. I have been pursuing this interest on and off for more than three decades. I love having another tool that allows me to help people find and follow their own authentic path. And, I find constantly expanding and deepening my knowledge of tarot and many other oracle card decks very enjoyable. They are windows into cultures, ancient stories, and the human psyche.
        Oh, if you are ready to jump into getting your own oracle cards and learning to read them, I have an ebook just for you!
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